With great POS design, comes endless ‘POS’abilities


Who you trust with your next Point of Sale display project is vital to the success of your business and with purchase channels evolving combined with the rise of the customer who is more informed, more selective with more choice, each pound earned is harder than ever before.

Ensuring that the customer spends in your store is more important than ever, so your POS design has to deliver.

How do you entice the customer to your display? Do you choose digital screens, QR codes, augmented reality or all three, or is the answer much simpler than you think?

At Adglow, we have decades of experience in the retail market, and with our depth of knowledge we combine traditional design methodology with cutting edge technology and materials to produce outstanding designs that we manufacture into sales driving POS displays.

We have a proven successful track record following our design processes, which deliver customer satisfaction time after time, so if you want to improve your retail sales figures, you could not be in better hands.

The design process involves a number of steps. Our experienced and creative designers will create retail display ideas, with focus on branding, target audience, product benefits and key product message.

Our creative design team consider all the factors of what makes a great POS display. The POS design has to stand out against competing displays, yet fit in with the retail environment. It has to have a clear message of what the products benefits and differentiators are, be durable, and consideration to where the display will be placed within the retail environment. For example, we would not suggest the design of a double sided display, if it was to be placed up against a wall, as only one side would be visible.

A brief of the 5 key design stage processes our team follow are:

CONCEPT: Our design team review the information gathered from the information provided during an initial client consultation meeting to decide how to connect with the target audience. We also review how to demonstrate the benefits of the product and what technology may help such as if an interactive or video display would be appropriate. Our design team will then create design sketches and/or rough digital images to demonstrate initial concepts to the client.

COMPUTER MODEL: Once the concepts have been reviewed, our design team then produce detailed computer models to help the client get a better understanding of the display, how their products will be mounted, and an idea of what it may look like in the retail environment.  During this stage, elements such as materials, size and environment will be carefully considered to make the display look as realistic as possible.

The size of the display stand and environment determine what type of display it will be, such as a free standing display, a counter display, a wall mounted display etc. It may also be a specific type of display such as a clothing display, footwear or golf display for example.

The materials used in the construction may be a combination of materials to provide durability, strength and flexibility. The most common materials used are: Plastic (Acrylic, PVC, ABS, HIPS, High Density PVC Foam), Metal (Steel, Wire), Timber (MDF, Solid Timber) and Card.


COSTINGS: Once a computer model has been approved by the client, the price of building the prototype and production run information is passed onto the client. This may result in some changes to the display in terms of materials, size or other minor adjustments. This is reviewed and re-costed.


PROTOTYPE: A design prototype is then manufactured and tested with the clients products. This is then shipped to the client for review and following final approval it moves to the full production run stage.


PRODUCTION: The approved prototype is manufactured into a full scale production run either in the UK, or our manufacturing facilities in China.


We are also able to offer delivery and installation project management services to ensure the displays will provide maximum customer exposure with professional installation.

With our decades of experience and expertise, Adglow provide excellent customer service at all stages from initial design right through to delivery and installation of your POS display to large scale rollouts throughout the UK.

We thrive on the challenges presented to us to produce the best designs, the highest quality, and the best service. We consistently review our methods and technologies to ensure we achieve customer satisfaction time after time, and are proud of an excellent customer retention ratio.

If you would like to put Adglow to the test, and achieve a high return on investment on your next Point of Sale display rollout project, contact us today and start enjoying the benefits of working with us. We offer an unrivalled service of POS display design, manufacture and installation services to ensure your next project delivers the success you deserve.

We design, manufacture and install:

Acrylic Displays
Freestanding Displays
Clothing Displays
Metal Displays
Counter Top Displays
Internal & External Signage
Illuminated Signs
LCD Point of Sale displays
Touch Screen POS displays

and much, much more…

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