Is your business ready for Christmas?

With Halloween just around the corner, why are we talking about Christmas?

At time of writing this article, there are only 69 shopping days left until Christmas.

It’s well known that Christmas time for retailers is by far the best time of the year for improving your sales figures, and with around 40% of your annual profit made at this time of year, you need to ensure that you maximise your opportunities.

It’s not too late to review your Christmas plan for how your retail outlet is set-up to attract that Christmas customer that wants to spend their money in YOUR store.

With competition hotting up from both high street retail outlets and customers shopping on-line, its more important than ever that your store maximises Christmas traffic, and secures every pound on offer from your customers.


What can you do?

What questions should you be asking?

The basics need not be covered in too much detail, such as the stock you are selling, as it goes without saying that you should plan enough stock for demand, but as we are in the Point of Sale, Point of Purchase display business, we will concentrate on these areas on how to ensure you get the Christmas shopper to spend in YOUR store.

It does not really matter what your business sells, it does matter how you present it for sale.


In this very competitive market, before customers decide on product, or even price, they have to find the product, it has to “grab” their attention, and this is where the difference between the right POS display and an OK POS display can tip the balance of customers purchasing from you.

There are many innovations each season in the retail display market such as materials used, lighting, design colours etc.

Don’t settle for an OK display, or reuse that display you have used for months or years, your profits depend on customers purchasing at YOUR store.

Adglow has been designing and manufacturing POP and POS displays for over 50 years, and the value we add is not only in the quality products we design, but in the fact we know our customers market very well, and OK is not a word we recognise when it comes to your POS display.

Adglow Bespoke Point Of Sale Designs

Take a look at some of our example designs to get a flavour of our design team, who are at the top of their field. In addition, Adglow can create your product display as we are able to manufacture it either in the UK or in CHINA.

If you then need help with the installation, we can do that too, by employing our sister business Adinstall who are the number 1 installation company in the UK who specialise in POP/POS installation, shop renovations, installations etc.