Retailers bucking the trend…

While reviewing articles this week, I saw an article on where the owner of this forecourt shop, Paul Oakley, had invested in his shop business to maximise his return following supermarket fuel prices squeezing his forecourt business.

The tips and advice in this article is very relevant for every retail business, and in addition to those points, Adglow would draw attention to the importance of the business providing welcoming  and interesting POP and POS displays where the customer can enjoy the environment where your Point of Sales and Point of Purchase Displays are really inviting and engaging.

Adglow’s 50 years experience in the industry designing, manufacturing and installing POP and POS displays have provided huge returns for their customers.


Adglow maintain this as a very cost effective and simple way to increase your return on investment. In a previous blog entry, ( Adglow reported on the success of News UK who has invested in upgrading retail outlets for The Sun and The Times retailers by refreshing the stores inside and out (with the help of our installations branch ADINSTALL).

Customers love to wonder around in a clean, well laid out and inviting environment, and with effective POP and POS displays, it maximised the opportunity for those impulse buys, where your customer may have come in for a newspaper or milk etc. and leaves having made several purchases.

POS Update / Refresh

You can immediately see from the image above, which is more enticing to the customer. No one wants to purchase from a tired or broken display.

If you are a business that feels that your Point of Purchase or Point of Sales displays look tired, are damaged, need replacing, updating etc. Visit our website today ( to view what we can do for your business.

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