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Our UK, Europe and Asia retail display manufacturing facilities enable fast and flexible response times whilst maintaining a quality assured solution.

With over 60 years industry experience, you can well believe that Adglow have seen it, heard it and done it all, many times over. With our combination of UK, European and Asian retail display manufacturing facilities, now you really can have it all. Taking the best of UK and combining it with the best of Asia, Adglow can offer the products you want, when you want them, with no drop in quality, design, style, finish or materials etc.

Each customer is quoted from our UK and Asia manufacturers and the only difference is TIME. You can expect the same quality product from all our manufacturers, but as with everything there is always a trade off. Adglow have perfected all other areas so there is no difference in the products or service, the only difference is how long it takes to be delivered to your door. Having had many years manufacturing experience in the UK, it was an obvious choice to mirror this in Asia.

Adglow expands into China

Decades ago, Adglow predicted the emergence and growth of the Asian manufacturing industry and decided to setup a branch of in China. In order to take advantage of having a local foothold in this competitive industry we created a very efficient operation with our Chinese operation being managed by western managers to ensure projects are managed “on the ground” and cultural problems and errors in communications are avoided.

Adglow’s high quality philosophy combined with the Chinese retail display manufacturing operation provides us with a competitive edge in providing point of sale or point of purchase displays. These have either been designed by us, or designs supplied by customers who need quality manufacturing services without any of the issues associated with China.

This is testament to our investment in quality control systems and outstanding communication / reporting systems the we have employed in our business. Our Chinese operation is managed by western managers to ensure projects are managed “on the ground” and cultural problems and errors in communications are avoided.

Over the years, our presence in china has allowed us to provide manufacturing standards equal or better than that of the UK using our secure proven supply chain, that is managed locally in Asia by our own UK staff.

With over 12 years experience of manufacturing to the highest standards in Asia, enable our quality control teams ensure that the standards demanded by western markets are maintained.


Adglow work in numerous materials, some of which include:

  • Acrylic
  • Timber
  • Metal
  • Injection/Resin Moulding
  • Die Casting
  • Press work


Designers Resource

If you need a little inspiration, or, you’re after something specific – head on over to our Designers Resource area, where you can browse images of previous projects we have undertaken.

If anything catches your eye – please feel free to chat to us online, leave an enquiry, or pick up the phone! We would be happy to speak to you in greater detail about any requirements you may have!


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