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Plastic and Acrylic Displays

To support your POS and POP projects Adglow have unrivalled engineering experience when it comes to plastic and acrylic displays. We can produce high quality acrylic fabrications, vacuum forming, and injection moulding all combined to give outstanding value.

Processes include: Acrylic Fabrication, Injection Moulding, Blow Moulding, Thermoforming, Rotor Moulding, Extrusion and many other processes. Print – Adglow offer digital print, screen print and print transfer processes.

Adglow can design and manufacture: Acrylic leaflet holders, Product stands, Collection boxes, Sweet bins, Display cases and cabinets, Fabricated acrylic display products, Leaflet dispensers, Show cardholders, Display cases, Printed and Magnetic acrylic blocks, Collection boxes, Business card displays, Jewellery stands, Antique stands, Shoe displays, Electrical displays, Wall panel displays, Cubes, bridges & units, Domes, Lecterns, Leaflet displays, Ticket holders, Magazine displays, Carousels, Multi-tier displays along with all CDU and FSDU combinations, plus much, much more…

Manufacturing options are available in the UK, EU and Asia along with a world wide distribution service.

Designer Resource

If you need a little inspiration, or, you’re after something specific – head on over to our Designers Resource area, where you can browse images of previous projects we have undertaken.

If anything catches your eye – please feel free to chat to us online, leave an enquiry, or pick up the phone! We would be happy to speak to you in greater detail about any requirements you may have!


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