Adglow gets a new GLOW!

Today, Adglow’s website got its first refresh.

This first refresh of the original design is to enable our many visitors to find out more information on what they are looking for easier than ever before, while taking a gentle step away from the original design.

Adglow is a top rate designer and manufacturer of Point of Sale and Point of Purchase displays.

Point of Sale display, also known as POS, is a type of sales promotion found near the “point of sale” in shops, retail stores and checkout counters. These promotions are designed to attract attention to specific products, offers, events and seasonal promotions.

Typical POS display items may include FSDU’s (Free Standing Display Units), counter dispensers, leaflet dispensers, floor graphics and shelf talkers.

For example; At checkout areas, common products that may utilise POS in the form of a card or other material FSDU’s are batteries, soft drinks, chewing gum, magazines. Companies also use POS to dispense brochures and literature.

With Adglow’s 50+ years of industry experience, we are able to offer solutions to all of your Point of Purchase and display needs. Dedicated divisions and a large staff base enables us to be at the cutting edge of POP display stand design & manufacturing. Product sourcing and manufacturing through our Asia offices, complements our services allowing highly competitive pricing.

At Adglow we offer a “complete service” from initial brief to mass production.

As the UK’s premier Point of Sale company we have a wide range of manufacturing sources worldwide.

To complement this our Adinstall division (The UK’s Number 1 POP/POS installation provider) offers installation and reporting to the highest standard, along with on site storage facilities.

We also have an in-house design and technical support team who will be involved with any project from its conceptualisation, right through to its implementation.

We hope you enjoy the new design, and enjoy the huge range of services we offer.

If you need any additional help with your current / next project, please contact us today.

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