Adglow asks… have Apple done it again?

With the launch of the new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus and the Apple Watch, September has been a busy month for the guys and girls at Apple.

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As always, Apple’s presentation was the full of images and information telling us how these latest versions and new devices are just what you have been waiting for.

At the beginning of their presentation, a video lasting around 3 minutes reinforcing the fact that it’s OK to be different, it’s OK to see the world a different way!

If you missed it, you can see it again at:

But what is it really about?

Apple has a reputation of providing things to the market BEFORE the market knew it wanted it, and inevitably, everyone else has jumped on that bandwagon, and now criticise the market creator, in a bid to be the best.

Back to the important element, what about the design!

The design is what I wish to focus on here, but as always, these devices are a bundle of technical details encompassed in a great design, or it is?

Apple Watch
Apple Watch – image from

In the war to be the biggest and the best, going up against a design giant is not a war you are likely to win overnight, after all, Apple have been at this for a while. So instead, the large companies involved seem more interested in fighting over technical details, such as speed, size and functions. This leads me to believe that if there was a design war, it would be over before it began.

When I say design, I’m not only thinking about the actual product itself, but the journey Apple takes you on before they finally get to the product. The three minute video is full of amazing design ideas and concepts that make you think, challenges your perspectives, and leaves you with plenty to think about.

Apple decided many years ago to not only come up with the products everyone wanted before they knew they wanted them, but to surround that product with an experience. Every detail of design has been meticulously thought through with that end goal in mind.


There is no details spared and I imagine that the design division is one of Apple’s largest expenditure areas.

There are design influences everywhere, far too many to include, but to name a few; the website, the stores, the packaging, the colours, the fonts…. and of course their presentations … I could go on…

Apple packaging
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Apple Store
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Design is so important today, as everything moves so quickly, and equally Adglow have the same beliefs.

It’s not enough to join everyone else, you have to STAND OUT. Design seems to one of those areas where you can win. Other playing fields may be level, where there are only so many materials you can use, so many shapes you can create, so many colours your product or design can come in, but the actual look, feel and experience of the DESIGN is where you can STAND OUT.

This is an area where Adglow excels. The design team at Adglow are some of the best designers in the business, and as such, offer outstanding premium design concepts for your Point of Sale, and Point of Purchase displays.

With Adglow being a premium design and manufacturing business, it means that they are not always the most economical choice in the market, but it’s been proven time and time again, that cost is not an accurate measure of success.

Too often, companies go for the cheapest option, which inevitably produces a cheap result, which is spotted by your target market, who then do not purchase from your display. EPIC FAIL!

These three words come to mind:

You can pick any two:

GOOD and CHEAP won’t be FAST
GOOD and FAST won’t be CHEAP
FAST and CHEAP won’t be GOOD

So, to conclude, Have Apple done it again? I feel that Apple choose GOOD and FAST, which is not CHEAP, but their market know this, their market expect this, and judging by their competition who possibly choose one of the other options, its clear from Apple’s sales figures they chose the correct option, and may be on course to DO IT AGAIN!

DESIGN is one area you cannot afford to reduce cost. It underpins the entire concept designed to help your customers purchase from YOU, and make you STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD!

Stand Out
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