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Adglow, in partnership with Da Vinci Industries, have been developing this unique merchandise system to save time and maintain the quality of the presentation of your products.

As sole UK and European distributors Adglow are proud to launch this exciting new product.

How Does it Work?

Acutrack is a maintenance free display solution for merchandise. This revolutionary system makes the product self-face driven by the hands of the customer, not the employees. Every time merchandise is pulled off an Acutrack unit the remaining merchandise is pulled forward, automatically facing the store front. Acutrack eliminates manual facing for large and small retail businesses.

Main Features


Acutrack units are compatiable with all major retail systems:

  • Hanging Rail (Tie Bar)
  • Pegboard (Metal/Timber)
  • Slat Wall

Acutrack is available with either single prong, single hook or euroslot steel hanging bars.

Cost Savings

Acutrack can replace 30% to 60% of standard retail hooks within most stores. This provides major labour savings required for refacing of store merchandise.

Visual red indicators are built into Acutrack units that allow employees visability of low inventory on Acutrack units to reduce the need for employees to sweep aisles throughout the day.

“From extensive USA test data, the projected hours saved using Acutrack are 2 to 4 hours per day, per employee.”

Open or Closed Loop?

Open Loop

  • Provides self-facing merchandise by the customer.
  • Designed for rapid loading, similar to a standard merchandising hook.
  • Can be loaded with merchandise in any belt position.
  • Low merchandise level indicators on last three tabs.

Closed Loop

  • Provides self-facing merchandise by the customer.
  • Designed for positive control of merchandise between tabs.
  • Offers more header space than open loop design.
  • Supports hook weight evenly between all merchandise.
  • Positive electronic inventory control, merchandise will not shift.
  • Anti-sweeping – prevents taking off multiple merchandise in one movement.

Want to Know More?

If you want to know more about Acutrack, please feel free to chat to us online, leave an enquiry, or pick up the phone! We would be happy to speak to you in greater detail about any requirements you may have!


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